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A little place for everything

Kat, Katie, Katrinabean, Katgirl, Katastrophic...
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1. Onagh. My cat's name is pronounced OH-nuh (rhymes with Barcelona). She also answers to Booger if you say it nicely.
2. No, I don't watch CSI and for good reason.
3. Green.
4. I am located somewhere between Wonderland and Oz.
5. No, I don't get kickbacks from the tea companies I review. It'd be nice though (you hear that, Teavana!?)
6. Leo, or "Proceed With Caution"

Some quick and useful facts:

* Height: 5'5"
* Hair: Auburn
* Eyes: Green
* Shoe Size: Sometimes I have to find shoes in the kids' section
* Age: 26
* Ethnic Origins: Irish/American Mutt
* Faith: Yes
* Orientation: Hetero, monogamous
* Marital Status: Unmarried / Have a boyfriend
* Occupation: Human Search Engine (no, really)
* Personality Type: INFJ